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Top 10 Hottest Actress In Hollywood List 2013|Most Sexiest Hollywood Female Celebrities 0 Comments

By Info Website

Welcome to my all new 2013 top 10 Hollywood's Hottest actress list 2013. On top of that Hollywood actress are the most hot actress of the world.Here are the top ten glamorous, Gorgeous and hottest Hollywood actresses in 2013. We have provide some of the sexiest actresses working in Hollywood today.

#1. Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie was born on 4 June 1975. She is currently married to Brad Pitt. Angelina Jolie is an Oscar-winning actress. She is considered to be the most gorgeous lady in the world.

#2. Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston an American actress born on 11 February 1969. Her some of the hits of all time including Bruce Almighty, The Break-up, Marley & Me. Jennifer most sexiest bodies in Hollywood and she has no problem showing it off. 

#3. Megan Fox
Megan Fox became a worldwide sensation at the time of the film Transformers. Born as Megan Denise Fox on 16 May 1986, Megan is a piece of sexy bodie and always at the top in the list of men’s magazine (HOT lists).

#4. Mila Kunis
Mila Kunis is one of the most hottest Hollywood actresses list. She appeared in several television series and commercials. Esquire magazine named ananuced her 2012's Sexiest Woman Alive.

#5. Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johanssonhas grown into a sexy women who is also an exceptional acting talent and is an American actress born on 22 November 1984. Scarlett has a huge male fan in the world.

#6. Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz is an American actress and the very best former model. Cameron lead role of the movie played by Jim Carey, The Mask and launched her as a sex symbol.  

#7. Penelope Cruz
Penelope Cruz was born on 28 April 1974. Penelope is the first Spanish star at the famous Hollywood fame. Cruz is one of the most famous and hottest actresses. Askmen.com's Most Desirable Women of 2008.

#8. Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba has most sexiest bodies in Hollywood and she has no problem showing it off. She is often portrayed as a sex symbol. As well as Jessica "Sexiest Woman in the World" by FHM. 

#9. Nicole Kidman
Nicole  An Australian actress, born on 20 June 1967. She is film producer and more over a Humanitarian as well. She has won
Golden Globe award.

#10. Natalie Portman
Natalie beautiful women in the world and a great actress. She won Oscar for best actress for her movie, Black Swan. She has  publication’s lists of the hottest Hollywood actresses.

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