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Top 10 Most Powerful Countries List In The world 2013 0 Comments

By Info Website
Saturday, 30 March 2013 | Posted in , ,

Here are the Top 10 most powerful countries in the world. ranking the world's ten most powerful countries for 2013, It is based on the military power, GDP rate, educational advancement, healthcare, technology and many more.

1. United States of America (USA)
USA is the oldest federation. The biggest asset of the country is its three hundred million thinking population. USA full of Large navy, large amount of air based weapons and it has highest number of fighter aircrafts (around 3000). The United States also tops the UN's list of countries by GDP.

2. China
China is the second most powerful nation in the world, China is a powerful country that continues to rise in influence in recent history. China is at second rank in our top 10 list. they have the worlds fastest growing major economy and it has the largest army and nuclear power with many inter-continental ballistic missiles in its store. The GDP rate of china in the recent year shows good improvements.

3. Russia
This nation was once the topmost ranking third worldwide in terms of power. They have the worlds largest nukes, great technology and has build several top advanced fighter jets and super power with their oil reserves, gas producer.

4. United Kingdom
UK is the forth most powerful nation in the world. United Kingdom is comprises with four countries which is England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. United Kingdom have good weaponry but their economy is in shambles.  Britain is strong in their nuclear technology and strong base for military.

5. Japan
They have one of the worlds most technologically advanced economy country in the world. they are highly advanced robotics, Military maybe weak compared to other developed countries. 

6. France
France the largest country in west Europe region stands at sixth place in most powerful countries list. the country has maintained large spending in the military and influence over Europe with their economy.

8. India
India considered a newly-industrialized country and worlds 2nd largest population. India Large military manpower as well as many fit for military service. The powerful areas of india include military, IT, space research and the amount of rich people.

9. Italy
Italy GDP of 2.1 trillion, Italy has faced financial and political struggles in recent history and They have a modern military with good equipment. 

10. Canada
CANADA With English and French as its official languages, Canada is strong and large nation, Canada also enjoys a strong economy with the ninth highest list GDP rate  in the world.

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