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Top 10 All Time Corruption Scams In India 0 Comments

By Info Website
Tuesday, 22 January 2013 | Posted in

The people who run the government are extremely corrupted and think of personal benefit from every national job. This is the season of scams and the biggest ever corruption cases in India have been unearthed more recently.

1) 2G Spectrum Scam
The 2G spectrum Big corruption scams in indians politicians and official government. mobile telephony companies for frequency allocation licenses, which they would then use to create 2G subscriptions for cell phones. money collected from 3G licenses, the loss to the exchequer was Indian Rupee 176,379 crore (US$39.16 billion).

2) Commonwealth Games Scam

he Commonwealth Games is perhaps one of India’s most well known scam. It consisted of a number of corrupt deals involving overstated contracts. The total value of the scam is estimated to be 70,000 crore.

3)IPL Scam

The Indian Premier League is a professional league for Twenty20 cricket competition in India. Most of us are aware about the recent scam in IPL and embezzlement with respect to bidding for various franchisees.

The most recent of the scams in Indian government is the coal mining scam where the government reported a loss of Rs 185,591 crore. The CAG Final Report tabled in Parliament estimated that the "windfall gain" to the allocatees was at around Rs 185,591 crore.

The scam was estimated at Rs 750 crore. The Indian Army has bought over 7,000 Tatra trucks. When General VK Singh took over as the Army Chief, he refused to authorise the purchase of trucks after he was offered a bribe.

6)Indian Black Money
in 2007 for illegally storing more than income money in Swiss Bank. Khan was caught with Rs. 39, 120 crore deposited in his Swiss Bank account. the Government of India clarified in its parliament that the CBI Director's statement on $500 billion of illegal money was an estimate based on a statement made to India's Supreme Court.

7) Bofors Scam
The Bofors scandal is known as Big corruption scams in indians politicians. The scam was forced the country to have a loss of Rs. 400 million. The government of India and the Bofors signed a contract in 1986 for the supply of 155mm Howitzer field guns.
8) Fodder Scam
This scam broke out in 1996 in the town of Chaibasa when the animal husbandry department.This scam involves Lalu Prasad Yadav as the prime accused which makes the government to bear a big loss of Rs. 950 crore.

9) Hawala Scam
This old corruption scam costs about $18 billion to the exchequer. which were allegedly received by politicians through four hawala brokers, From the list of those accused also included Lal Krishna Advani who was then the Leader of Opposition.

10) Satyam Scam
Once time leading IT firm Satyam’s Computers Chief B. Ramalinga Raju misappropriated books and inflated figures which led to a scam that which left the Indian Government with a loss of Rs. 14,000 crore.

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